Android Y

A small one between the bigger platforms that I am working on now...


Don P does Project QiQi!

Project QiQi
Customization Project and Exhibition
ToyCon UK
04.06.13 | London, United Kingdom


OLD vs NEW series: Apocalyptic Warriors

Here are my Apocalyptic Warriors (3 inch Bots) for the OLD vs NEW series from my site "Battle of the Mascots".

"The Battle of the Mascots" blind box battle is back for a second round and it is bigger than ever! This time we have 20 of the worlds best vinyl customizers doing battle for the title in what is set to be a crazy event! The warriors from battle one have joined forces to wage war against the onslaught of a new army and the line ups are stacked with talent!Team Old consists Don P, Sekure D, Commandante, Matcandraw, NikeJerk, Alex Break, Loz Hausofboz, Jfury, JC Rivera and Fuller.
The new comers are Charles Rodriquez, Stuart Witter, Color Chemist, El Hooligan, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jar, RunDMB, MaloApril and Nugglife.


Terror Owl - Don P style

This is my entry for the Night Terror Owl Dunny series. Matt A (Anderson) sculpted and casted this awesome Dunny. It was great to see his work in reallife and I can say that this guy owns all the credits for this series. Amazing work on the Owl. Here is my fast painted Owl.

Look at this great line-up...


The Forgotten Army by Don P & JMAX!

Finally I could find the right ingredients to finish this collaboration between my bud JMAX! (Justin Maxwell) and me. Hope that you guys like these ones as much as I do.

YEAR 2089. Once they were with a group of 678 soldiers, but only 5 survived this madness. Lost in the dessert of Afghanistan...they evaluated in "DIRTY, RUSTED, DAMAGED ARMY BOTS".


Hells Slayers

This series will be available at DCON, booth Urban Vinyl Daily.


Raging Bull

My latest is a combination of a Mascot and a Piggy Qee. Made for a show in Italy (Mattia).