My Kidrobot Mascot customs

I am huge fan of Kidrobot Mascots. I get many questions how many Kidrobot Mascots i already customized.....well here are the Mascots!


Lt. Joe "Fresh" McMinty

Normal pictures from this guy!



Lt. Joe "Fresh" McMinty in the nature!

I proudly present you Lt. Joe “Fresh” McMinty. During a secret CryoGenicmission he was lost in the Brazilian woods in the year 2176. His crew left him for dead. He was nothing for the government and they did not search for this poor fella. His family was desperate with the loss of their dad, who was really the best dad that they could wish for.
10 Years later he finally reached a city........ Angry that he was, he wanted revenge on the people who left him for dead. Heavilly attacked by wild animals, he was signed for life. The main thing that kept him alive was his enormous drive to see his family again.


WIP: Ltd. Mc Minty

Started this one today.....i have a long road to go still.

Devillez - a custom bot (3 inch)

I present you Devillez...he is the devill under the bots. He likes to eat gold dipped in bleed. His kills everyone that he doesn't like with his tail.


Coming! KidApocalyps

Finished this piece for a private collector. Official pictures will follow later. Here the teaser of KidApocalyps.

TOYSREVIL: Custom-Feature: KidDwarf by Don P

TOYSREVIL: Custom-Feature: KidDwarf by Don P: "My passion is a Kidrobot Mascot, so that's why i am making quite some custom Mascots these days. This is my new one, KidDwarf. His partner...


KidDwarf, custom Kidrobot Mascot

My biggest passion are Kidrobot Mascots. I have a very big collection and i love to make custom Mascots for collectors or for my own collection.

This is my newest piece KidDwarf

Here the partners in crime KidDwarf and KidMedieval, they both like to cut ears!

Redid some pieces!

Sometimes you have the feeling that you have to redo a piece since it can look better than it is. I had this feeling with these 3 pieces. I gaved them some new paints and i did some slighty changes. I made also some new shots by daylight.

Name: BirdoWarrior
Toy: 4 inch FOOMI

Name: Driod
Toy: 7 inch Munny

Name: Mechanica
Toy: 4 inch Munny


Top 5 of 2011

This is my personal top 5 of custom designer toys that i made.

Name: Chained Dragon
Toy: Bigsal

About: This bigsal gaved me quite some problems and it took me much time to finish it. The vinyl of this piece is very soft and it gaved me problems with the sculpey. The collector was extremely amazed and happy with this piece. It was hard to let this piece go.

Name: Ghast
Toy: 7 inch Munny

About: This piece was based on the Hellghast. I really love Killzone, so i had to make something around this topic.

Name: Hellhound
Toy: 4 inch Munny

About: This was one of my first Munny's. I personally love this combination of purple and yellow. I wanted that this piece had an abstract look, so i decided to do something special to his body.

Name: Metalhead
Toy: 3 inch Fatcap

About: I made this for my bud Nick Sander (EECHone). Nick likes clean looking toys and wanted a custom fatcap from me with a metallic look. I made it a mean looking fatcap. Hope you guys like it the same as i do.

Name: KidVampire
Toy: 7 inch Kidrobot Mascot

About: I love this toy so much. I am collecting Kidrobot Mascots for quite a while now and i got a huge collection of them. I was missing a Vampire in my collection, so i had to make one for myself. Added some crazy items to it.

Now i have to start customizing for my top 5 of 2012!


Toys for Mattia!

Today i went to the postoffice to bring my two donated toys away. These toys are donated for the Mattia Amf Onlus Fagnoni project. They are trying to collect art and toys to do a massive expo with an auction, to try to help the research of Sandhoff disease.

I donated these two toys. One Ultra King called "Tha King" (Ape) and the other ones is a Symptons figure from Flapjack toys called "Pokerface" (Devil).

I hope that these two will bring some good money for this project. When you have some artwork that you are willing to give than go to this FB-page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/MattiaAmfOnlusFagnoni